Interface ReshapeMatrix

All Superinterfaces:
Matrix, Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
DMatrixSparse, FMatrixSparse, MatrixSparse
All Known Implementing Classes:
BMatrixRMaj, CMatrixD1, CMatrixRMaj, DMatrix1Row, DMatrixD1, DMatrixRBlock, DMatrixRMaj, DMatrixSparseCSC, DMatrixSparseTriplet, FMatrix1Row, FMatrixD1, FMatrixRBlock, FMatrixRMaj, FMatrixSparseCSC, FMatrixSparseTriplet, ZMatrixD1, ZMatrixRMaj

public interface ReshapeMatrix extends Matrix
Matrix which can be reshaped
  • Method Details

    • reshape

      void reshape(int numRows, int numCols)
      Equivalent to invoking reshape(numRows,numCols,false);
      numRows - The new number of rows in the matrix.
      numCols - The new number of columns in the matrix.