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Version 0.31


  • Changed minimum Java version from 6 to 7
  • Added SimpleEVD.getEigenvalues()
  • Added SimpleSVD.getSingularValues()
  • Fixed issue with generics and SimpleEVD and SimpleSVD
  • Auto generated float 32-bit support of all 64-bit code
  • SimpleMatrix
    • Added support for float 32-bit matrices
    • Replaced extractDiag() with diag() and changed behavior.
  • Fixed Sized Matrix
    • Added MatrixFeatures
    • Added NormOps
    • FixedOps
      • Discovered a bug in a unit test
      • Fixed bugs in elementAbsMax() elementAbsMin() trace()
      • Improved the speed of element-wise max and min operations
  • New naming for matrices (see readme)
  • New naming for operation classes (see readme)
  • Operations API
    • added minCol(), maxCol(), minRow(), maxRow()
  • Sparse matrix support for real values
    • Compressed Sparse Column (CSC) a.k.a. Compressed Column
    • Triplet
    • Basic operation up to triangular solve
  • A script has been provided that will perform most of the refactorings:
  • Fixed a minor printing glitch for dense matrices. There was an extra space
  • Equations
    • Assignment to a submatrix now works with variables
      • A((2+i):10,1:20) = 5 <--* this works now
    • Added sum(), sum(A,0), sum(A,1)
    • min(A,0), max(A,0), min(A,1), max(A,1),
  • Modules now have "ejml-" as a suffice to avoid collisions with other libraries
  • equations module has been moved into ejml-simple for dependency reasons