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Source Code

Source code is hosted on Github. There you can access the absolute bleeding edge code. Most of the time it is in an usable state, but not always!

The command to clone it is:

git clone

Current status of developmental code:



Jars of the latest stable release can be found on Source Forge using the following link: EJML Downloads

Gradle and Maven

EJML is broken up into several packages (see list below) and including each individually can be tedious. To include all the packages simply reference "all", as is shown below:


  compile group: 'org.ejml', name: 'all', version: '0.30'



Individual modules:

Module Name Description
core Contains core data structures
dense64 Algorithms for dense real 64-bit floats
denseC64 Algorithms for dense complex 64-bit floats
equation Equations interface
simple Object oriented SimpleMatrix interface