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Projects which use EJML

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Papers That Cite EJML

  • A ton of academic papers
  • Florentin Dörre, Alexander Krause, Dirk Habich, and Martin Junghanns. 2021. A GraphBLAS implementation in pure Java. In Proceedings of the 4th ACM SIGMOD Joint International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences & Systems (GRADES) and Network Data Analytics (NDA)
  • Zewdie, Dawit Dawit Habtamu. "Representation discovery in non-parametric reinforcement learning." Diss. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014.
  • Sanfilippo, Filippo, et al. "A mapping approach for controlling different maritime cranes and robots using ANN." Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA), 2014 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2014.
  • Kushman, Nate, et al. "Learning to automatically solve algebra word problems." ACL (1) (2014): 271-281.
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  • Alberto Castellini, Daniele Paltrinieri, and Vincenzo Manca "MP-GeneticSynth: Inferring Biological Network Regulations from Time Series" Bioinformatics 2014
  • Blasinski, H., Bulan, O., & Sharma, G. (2013). Per-Colorant-Channel Color Barcodes for Mobile Applications: An Interference Cancellation Framework.
  • Marin, R. C., & Dobre, C. (2013, November). Reaching for the clouds: contextually enhancing smartphones for energy efficiency. In Proceedings of the 2nd ACM workshop on High performance mobile opportunistic systems (pp. 31-38). ACM.
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  • Santhiar, Anirudh and Pandita, Omesh and Kanade, Aditya "Discovering Math APIs by Mining Unit Tests" Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering 2013
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  • G. Taboada, S. Ramos, R. Expósito, J. Touriño, R. Doallo, _Java in the High Performance Computing arena: Research, practice and experience,_ Science of Computer Programming, 2011.

Note: Slowly working on an EJML paper for publication. About 1/2 way through a first draft.

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