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Most real operations in EJML have a complex analog. For example, CommonOps_DDRM has the complex equivalent of CommonOps_ZDRM. ZMatrixRMaj is the complex analog for DMatrixRMaj. Floats are also support, e.g. FDRM -> CDRM. See tutorial on procedural interface for a table of suffixes.

The following specialized functions are contained inside the complex CommonOps class. They different ways to convert one matrix type into the other.

Function Description
CommonOps_ZDRM.convert() Converts a real matrix into a complex matrix
CommonOps_ZDRM.stripReal() Strips the real component and places it into a real matrix.
CommonOps_ZDRM.stripImaginary() Strips the imaginary component and places it into a real matrix.
CommonOps_ZDRM.magnitude() Computes the magnitude of each element and places it into a real matrix.

There is also Complex64F which contains a single complex number. Example Complex Math does a good job covering how to manipulate those objects.