Class LinearSolverAbstract_ZDRM

All Implemented Interfaces:
LinearSolver<ZMatrixRMaj,ZMatrixRMaj>, LinearSolverDense<ZMatrixRMaj>
Direct Known Subclasses:
LinearSolverChol_ZDRM, LinearSolverLuBase_ZDRM, LinearSolverQr_ZDRM, LinearSolverQrHouse_ZDRM, LinearSolverQrHouseCol_ZDRM, LinearSolverQrHouseTran_ZDRM

public abstract class LinearSolverAbstract_ZDRM extends Object implements LinearSolverDense<ZMatrixRMaj>

An abstract class that provides some common functionality and a default implementation of invert that uses the solve function of the child class.

The extending class must explicity call _setA(ZMatrixRMaj) inside of its LinearSolver.setA(S) function.

  • Field Details

    • A

      protected ZMatrixRMaj A
    • numRows

      protected int numRows
    • numCols

      protected int numCols
    • stride

      protected int stride
  • Constructor Details

    • LinearSolverAbstract_ZDRM

      public LinearSolverAbstract_ZDRM()
  • Method Details