Class CholeskyDecompositionBlock_MT_FDRM

All Implemented Interfaces:
CholeskyDecomposition<FMatrixRMaj>, CholeskyDecomposition_F32<FMatrixRMaj>, DecompositionInterface<FMatrixRMaj>

public class CholeskyDecompositionBlock_MT_FDRM
extends CholeskyDecompositionBlock_FDRM
  • Constructor Details

    • CholeskyDecompositionBlock_MT_FDRM

      public CholeskyDecompositionBlock_MT_FDRM​(int blockWidth)
      Creates a CholeksyDecomposition capable of decomposing a matrix that is n by n, where n is the width.
      blockWidth - The width of a block.
  • Method Details

    • solveL_special

      public void solveL_special​(float[] L, FMatrixRMaj b_src, int indexSrc, int indexDst, FMatrixRMaj B)
      Description copied from class: CholeskyDecompositionBlock_FDRM
      This is a variation on the TriangularSolver_FDRM.solveL(float[], float[], int) function. It grabs the input from the top right row rectangle of the source matrix then writes the results to the lower bottom column rectangle. The rectangle matrices just matrices are submatrices of the matrix that is being decomposed. The results are also written to B.
      solveL_special in class CholeskyDecompositionBlock_FDRM
      L - A lower triangular matrix.
      b_src - matrix with the vectors that are to be solved for
      indexSrc - First index of the submatrix where the inputs are coming from.
      indexDst - First index of the submatrix where the results are going to.
    • symmRankTranA_sub

      public void symmRankTranA_sub​(FMatrixRMaj a, FMatrixRMaj c, int startIndexC)
      Description copied from class: CholeskyDecompositionBlock_FDRM

      Performs this operation:

      c = c - aTa
      where c is a submatrix.

      Only the upper triangle is updated.
      symmRankTranA_sub in class CholeskyDecompositionBlock_FDRM
      a - A matrix.
      c - A matrix.
      startIndexC - start of the submatrix in c.