Interface LinearSolverSparse<S extends Matrix,​D extends Matrix>

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LinearSolverCholesky_DSCC, LinearSolverCholesky_FSCC, LinearSolverLu_DSCC, LinearSolverLu_FSCC, LinearSolverQrLeftLooking_DSCC, LinearSolverQrLeftLooking_FSCC, LinearSolverSparseSafe, LinearSolverToSparse

public interface LinearSolverSparse<S extends Matrix,​D extends Matrix>
extends LinearSolver<S,​D>
  • Method Details

    • solveSparse

      void solveSparse​(S B, S X)
      Solve against sparse matrices. A*X=B. In most situations its more desirable to solve against a dense matrix because of fill in.
      B - Input. Never modified.
      X - Output. Never modified.
    • setStructureLocked

      void setStructureLocked​(boolean locked)

      Save results from structural analysis step. This can reduce computations of a matrix with the exactly same non-zero pattern is decomposed in the future. If a matrix has yet to be processed then the structure of the next matrix is saved. If a matrix has already been processed then the structure of the most recently processed matrix will be saved.

    • isStructureLocked

      boolean isStructureLocked()
      Checks to see if the structure is locked.
      true if locked or false if not locked.