Class QrStructuralCounts_DSCC


public class QrStructuralCounts_DSCC extends Object
Determines the structure of the QR decomposition. Both R and V (householder vectors) component.

Fictional Rows: When there are no non-zero values in a row a fictional row is added to the end. The fictional row will have an element in it that is not zero. It will then be permuted in. The QR decomposition algorithm requires that all rows have a structurally non-zero element in them.

NOTE: This class contains the all of or part of cs_sqrt() and cs_vcounts() in csparse

  • Constructor Details

    • QrStructuralCounts_DSCC

      public QrStructuralCounts_DSCC()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public boolean process(DMatrixSparseCSC A)
      Examins the structure of A for QR decomposition
      A - matrix which is to be decomposed
      true if the solution is valid or false if the decomposition can't be performed (i.e. requires column pivots)
    • setGwork

      public void setGwork(IGrowArray gwork)
    • getFicticousRowCount

      public int getFicticousRowCount()
    • getLeftMost

      public int[] getLeftMost()
    • getParent

      public int[] getParent()
    • getPinv

      public int[] getPinv()
    • getM2

      public int getM2()