Interface SingularValueDecomposition_F64<T extends Matrix>

All Superinterfaces:
DecompositionInterface<T>, SingularValueDecomposition<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
SafeSvd_DDRM, SvdImplicitQrDecompose_DDRM, SvdImplicitQrDecompose_MT_DDRM

public interface SingularValueDecomposition_F64<T extends Matrix> extends SingularValueDecomposition<T>

Implementation of SingularValueDecomposition for 64-bit floats.

  • Method Details

    • getSingularValues

      double[] getSingularValues()
      Returns the singular values. This is the diagonal elements of the W matrix in the decomposition. Ordering of singular values is not guaranteed..
      Singular values. Note this array can be longer than the number of singular values. Extra elements have no meaning.