Interface EigenDecomposition_F64<MatrixType extends Matrix>

All Superinterfaces:
DecompositionInterface<MatrixType>, EigenDecomposition<MatrixType>
All Known Implementing Classes:
SwitchingEigenDecomposition_DDRM, SymmetricQRAlgorithmDecomposition_DDRM, WatchedDoubleStepQRDecomposition_DDRM

public interface EigenDecomposition_F64<MatrixType extends Matrix>
extends EigenDecomposition<MatrixType>

Implementation of EigenDecomposition for 32-bit floats

  • Method Details

    • getEigenvalue

      Complex_F64 getEigenvalue​(int index)

      Returns an eigenvalue as a complex number. For symmetric matrices the returned eigenvalue will always be a real number, which means the imaginary component will be equal to zero.

      NOTE: The order of the eigenvalues is dependent upon the decomposition algorithm used. This means that they may or may not be ordered by magnitude. For example the QR algorithm will returns results that are partially ordered by magnitude, but this behavior should not be relied upon.

      index - Index of the eigenvalue eigenvector pair.
      An eigenvalue.