Interface DecompositionSparseInterface<T extends Matrix>

Type Parameters:
T -
All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
CholeskySparseDecomposition<MatrixType>, CholeskySparseDecomposition_F32<MatrixType>, CholeskySparseDecomposition_F64<MatrixType>, LUSparseDecomposition<MatrixType>, LUSparseDecomposition_F32<T>, LUSparseDecomposition_F64<T>, QRSparseDecomposition<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
CholeskyUpLooking_DSCC, CholeskyUpLooking_FSCC, LuUpLooking_DSCC, LuUpLooking_FSCC, QrLeftLookingDecomposition_DSCC, QrLeftLookingDecomposition_FSCC

public interface DecompositionSparseInterface<T extends Matrix>
extends DecompositionInterface<T>
Decomposition for sparse matrices. For direct solvers the structure often needs to be determined first. This interface provides the capability to lock that structure in place and speed up future calculations.
  • Method Details

    • setStructureLocked

      void setStructureLocked​(boolean lock)

      Save results from structural analysis step. This can reduce computations if a matrix with the exactly same non-zero pattern is decomposed in the future. If a matrix has yet to be processed then the structure of the next matrix is saved. If a matrix has already been processed then the structure of the most recently processed matrix will be saved.

    • isStructureLocked

      boolean isStructureLocked()
      Checks to see if the structure is locked.
      true if locked or false if not locked.