Interface BidiagonalDecomposition_F64<T extends Matrix>

All Superinterfaces:
BidiagonalDecomposition<T>, DecompositionInterface<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
BidiagonalDecompositionRow_DDRM, BidiagonalDecompositionRow_MT_DDRM, BidiagonalDecompositionTall_DDRM, BidiagonalDecompositionTall_MT_DDRM

public interface BidiagonalDecomposition_F64<T extends Matrix>
extends BidiagonalDecomposition<T>

Implementation of BidiagonalDecomposition for 64-bit floats

  • Method Details

    • getDiagonal

      void getDiagonal​(double[] diag, double[] off)
      Extracts the diagonal and off diagonal elements from the decomposition.
      diag - diagonal elements from B.
      off - off diagonal elements form B.