Class RrefGaussJordanRowPivot_DDRM

All Implemented Interfaces:
ReducedRowEchelonForm<DMatrixRMaj>, ReducedRowEchelonForm_F64<DMatrixRMaj>

public class RrefGaussJordanRowPivot_DDRM
extends Object
implements ReducedRowEchelonForm_F64<DMatrixRMaj>
Reduction to RREF using Gauss-Jordan elimination with row (partial) pivots.
  • Constructor Details

    • RrefGaussJordanRowPivot_DDRM

      public RrefGaussJordanRowPivot_DDRM()
  • Method Details

    • setTolerance

      public void setTolerance​(double tol)
      Description copied from interface: ReducedRowEchelonForm_F64
      Specifies tolerance for determining if the system is singular and it should stop processing. A reasonable value is: tol = EPS/max(||tol||).
      Specified by:
      setTolerance in interface ReducedRowEchelonForm_F64<DMatrixRMaj>
      tol - Tolerance for singular matrix. A reasonable value is: tol = EPS/max(||tol||). Or just set to zero.
    • reduce

      public void reduce​(DMatrixRMaj A, int coefficientColumns)
      Description copied from interface: ReducedRowEchelonForm
      Puts the augmented matrix into RREF. The coefficient matrix is stored in columns less than coefficientColumns.
      Specified by:
      reduce in interface ReducedRowEchelonForm<DMatrixRMaj>
      A - Input: Augmented matrix. Output: RREF. Modified.
      coefficientColumns - Number of coefficients in the system matrix.
    • swapRows

      protected static void swapRows​(DMatrixRMaj A, int rowA, int rowB)