Class LinearSolverLu_DDRM

All Implemented Interfaces:
LinearSolver<DMatrixRMaj,DMatrixRMaj>, LinearSolverDense<DMatrixRMaj>

public class LinearSolverLu_DDRM extends LinearSolverLuBase_DDRM
For each column in the B matrix it makes a copy, which is then solved for and writen into X. By making a copy of the column cpu cache issues are reduced.
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      public void solve(DMatrixRMaj B, DMatrixRMaj X)
      Description copied from interface: LinearSolver

      Solves for X in the linear system, A*X=B.

      In some implementations 'B' and 'X' can be the same instance of a variable. Call LinearSolver.modifiesB() to determine if 'B' is modified.

      B - A matrix ℜ m × p. Might be modified.
      X - A matrix ℜ n × p, where the solution is written to. Modified.